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ISO 9001:2000 Certification At EON

Today's business environment has become extremely challenging. Fast-paced changes in the automotive industry are affecting stability of business and revenue for our organization. EON recognizes the need to prepare itself to overcome the challenges that come along with these changes. Among the many initiatives that have been identified to keep EON at a competitive edge is to equip itself with the internationally recognized Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2000.

To date, hundreds of companies, locally and internationally, have reaped benefits from the implementation of ISO 9001:2000 in their organizations. Among the benefits are:


Improved consistency of service/product performance, which leads to increase in customer satisfaction.


Improved productivity and efficiency, which in turn reduces cost.


Improved communications, morale and job satisfaction of the employees.


Improved customer's perception of the organization's image, culture and performance.


Competitive advantage and increased sales and marketing opportunities.

The preparation for the ISO certification project officially started in July 2002 with the understanding of EON's business needs, awareness training for the key personnel and preparation of relevant documentation such as Quality Manual, systems procedures, departmental SOP and forms.

The scope of registration for the ISO implementation at EON is for the provision of pre-sales, sales and after sales services of motor vehicles distributed by EON. The scope is applicable for EON Head Office Divisions such as Customer Service & Quality, PDI, Sales, After Sales, Parts, Human Resources and all nationwide Sales and After Sales branches.

The awareness training and roll out of the SOP were carried out for all branches from month of January to March 2003. The selected branches were also audited in preparation for the SIRIM ISO Compliance Audit which scheduled in March and April 2003. The findings of the audit was presented in the Management Review meeting on 28 April 2003 for Management Corrective Measurement.

Upon completion of Internal Quality Audit and corrective actions were taken, Certification Audit was then carried out by SIRIM in month of May & June 2003. Several departments in Head Office and selected branches were audited by SIRIM Auditors for the compliance to the Quality Management System. Based on SIRIM findings, the Auditors found that EON has implemented the Quality Management System throughout the organization and met the standard requirement of MS ISO9001:2000.

Hence, on 11 July 2003 SIRIM has officially awarded the MS ISO 9001:2000 Certification for EON Berhad covering the scope of registration for the ISO requirements. The official certification ceremony of ISO Certification from President of SIRIM Berhad to EON's Managing Director Datuk Adzmi Abdul Wahab was held on 14 October 2003 at EON Auditorium, EON Head Office Complex, Glenmarie. A Press Conference was also held for a Q & A session during the ceremony. EON Board of Directors, DRB-HICOM, PROTON, media and EON staffs were among the invitees.

Moving forward, EON is excited to serve our customers at best and the certification of ISO9001:2000 is just another milestone of our journey.